Middle School

In New York City, most students apply to middle school during their fifth grade year. Watch our video series and read this page to learn all about middle school admissions this year.

  • 2023 Updates

    The middle school application will open on October 26, and the deadline to apply is December 1. Students will receive offers in April. 

  • Before you begin exploring middle schools, it's helpful to learn about the options your child has and is eligible for. You can look up or search for middle school programs in the searchable online directory at external link)
  • Middle school programs have different eligibility criteria:

    • District programs are open to students in the district where your family is zoned for middle school and, when different, in the district where your child goes to public elementary school. 
      • Some district programs are open only to students who live or go to school in that district.
      • Other district programs may be open to a smaller group of applicants. If a program’s eligibility is “Open to students who live in the zone,” this means it’s only open to applicants who live in the smaller geographic zone around a particular school (rather than the larger middle school district).
    • Boroughwide programs are open to all students in a particular borough.
      • Staten Island has only one district (District 31), therefore all students in Staten Island have boroughwide eligibility to all Staten Island middle schools.
      • All students in the Bronx have boroughwide eligibility to all Bronx middle schools, in all Bronx districts. This means:
        • All Bronx middle schools will appear as options for your child's middle school application.
        • All students who live or go to school in a Bronx district will have an admissions priority to attend middle schools in that district or districts.
        • If seats remain, applicants who live and go to school in other Bronx districts will then be considered for admission.
    • Citywide programs are open to all NYC students.

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